8 Reasons Glaze Can Be Better than Dye ...

Just recently, I've discovered all the wonders and benefits of hair glaze. For someone who frequently gets tired of her hair color, it's like a gift from the heavens. I'm always on the lookout for ways to be nicer to my hair, and that's hard to do when you spend a lot of time coloring it. Fortunately, there are many reasons glaze can be better than dye – and here are just a few of them!

1. It's Cheaper

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One reason glaze can be better than dye is because it's often a lot cheaper. You can buy a good glaze for significantly less than the cost of a good brand of hair color, unless you wait around to find it on sale. However, no matter what, you save money in the long run, because you won't have to buy new hair dye every month or so.

2. Less Abrasive

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Glaze is also much gentler than hair dye. It doesn't have that awful smell, and you can't mess up and burn your hair or anything. Having recently done that while implementing highlights, I'm all for not scorching my hair, you know?

3. Fewer Chemicals

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Similarly, another reason glaze can be better than dye is because it has way fewer chemicals. You won't harm your hair at all, whereas you pay the price with frequent coloring. Glaze won't leave your hair dry, dull, and full of split ends.

4. Less Retouching

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Like I briefly mentioned, you don't have to get new hair dye every month or six weeks when you use glaze. Why? Because your roots won't be showing, that's why! That's one of the main reason I love glaze. When your color starts to fade, you can just use this. Roots? What roots?

5. Easy Highlights and Lowlights

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Let's say you're a brunette but you use a red glaze, or a blond one, or even a brunette one. No matter your hair color (mostly), you can use glaze, and give your hair a different sheen. If you currently have highlights, you can use glaze to give yourself temporary streaks in a different shade, without damaging your hair. It's awesome!

6. It Makes Your Hair Shiny

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Glaze really does give your hair a marvelous sheen. It makes it soft and silky. Arguably, hair dye does that as well, after you first do it. Once you've washed it a couple times, however, that healthy feeling fades. With glaze, it'll stick around as long as you use the product!

7. You Can Use It More Often

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Another reason glaze can be better than dye is because you can use it much more often. Whereas you can only safely color your hair every month or six weeks, you can use glaze once a week, twice, or even every day, if you want. It won't damage your hair, it will just keep your color rich and vibrant.

8. It's Versatile

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As you can see from all the reasons above, glaze is incredibly versatile. It can do so many things for your hair! You can use it for high- or lowlights, to retouch your roots, to give your hair a shine boost. Anything that works in so many ways can't go wrong in my book!

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