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7 Reasons to Ignore Teasing about Being a Redhead ...

By Alison

Do you get teased for being a redhead? It's common for redheads to get picked on at school, even though red hair is gorgeous. And adults get silly comments about their red hair as well, such as the tired old cliché that redheads have a temper. However annoying it is, you shouldn't take the slightest bit of notice when people tease you about your hair color. These are the reasons you should ignore teasing for being a redhead …

1 Red is Beautiful

Being a redhead is gorgeous. So why take any notice of silly people who tease you for it? Be proud of your distinctive and beautiful hair color. Lots of women wish they were redheads; for every person who makes fun of you, there are probably several who want to reach for the hair dye and fake it!

2 They're Envious

People often make fun of others for having something they wish they had. It's a way of deflecting their envy by making out it's undesirable. And plenty of girls who don't make fun of you wish that they had your gorgeous red hair. Trust me on this - I would love to have red hair, and I'm far from alone on that.

3 Something else

The kind of person who picks on others will always find something to tease them about. If it wasn't one thing it would be something else. If you colored your hair and became a brunette, they'd tease you about your clothes or doing well in school. It's the type of person they are. Their behavior really does say more about them than it does about you.

4 It's Your Hair Color

Red hair is your natural color, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It's what your genes gave you. Sure, you can color it if you want; plenty of women like to experiment with their hair color. But don't change it because of someone else's daft opinion; what they think does not matter in the least - unless you let it.

5 Rare

If you're lucky enough to have red hair, you're among only 1-2% of people. It's the rarest hair color in the world. So if anyone teases you, proudly point out that you're not as common as they are!

6 Famous Redheads

There are lots of gorgeous women famous for their stunning red hair. Think Christina Hendricks, Julianne Moore and Emma Stone. And as for men, being a redhead hasn't hurt Damian Lewis' career. Plus the greatest queen ever, Elizabeth I of England, was a redhead - and this became so desirable that many women copied her (but they had to fake it with a wig).

7 You'll Love It One Day

You may hate your distinctive hair color right now, but I can pretty much guarantee that one day in the future you'll come to love it. It really is stunning. And you'll wonder why you ever listened to anyone who teased you about it. So ignore the rude comments from people who think they're funny or are just trying to be mean and upset you.

Having red hair can make you an easy target for bullies, but don't let them get to you. Teasing you for your hair color is silly and immature. There is no reason for being ashamed of having red hair. Have you been teased for having red hair?

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