7 Reasons Why Redheads Have the Most Fun of All ...


I’m not going to claim to be a natural redhead, but I’m totally agreeing with the idea that redheads have the most fun! Your hair is already bright and vibrant, which is a great place to start when it comes to having fun and doing exciting things! Whether you’re a natural flame-haired beauty or a burgundy-from-a-bottle redhead, here are 7 reasons why redheads have the most fun of all!

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You Stand out in a Crowd

You Stand out in a Crowd Ever been approached by a man on the bus or got chatting to someone at your local café? Your hair is bright and colorful, whether it’s titian red, flame red or deep wine, and it helps you to stand out in a crowd. People might come up to you to tell you they love your hair, or just strike up a conversation with you! The brighter your hair, the more you’ll attract attention, which could be why redheads have the most fun!


You Create Color Clashes

You Create Color Clashes Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it’s just that you fancy wearing bright colors, but your hair quite often clashes with and stands out against your clothes. Wearing vibrant hues such as mustard yellow, emerald green and teal (all great colors for redheads) will clash with your red hair, creating a fun and funky look and helping you to get noticed. Wearing bright colors also boosts your mood, so you’ll feel more spontaneous and outgoing, which could lead to all kinds of fun experiences!


You’re Unusual

You’re Unusual Did you know that red is the rarest, most unusual hair color to have? Only 1-2% of the population have naturally red hair, so if that’s you, you’re very lucky! Kids with red hair can often grow up feeling embarrassed by their flaming locks, but remember that what’s unusual and different is also incredibly beautiful! One day you’ll learn to love your pale skin, freckles and amber tresses, so make the most of daring to be different. If you’ve decided to dye your hair red, congratulations! Opt for a natural shade and you could even fool people into thinking you’ve been a redhead since birth!


You Get Noticed

You Get Noticed I guess this is similar to standing out in a crowd, but red hair will ensure you’re remembered, wherever you go. Blondes and brunettes are everywhere, but vibrant fiery locks will help people to remember you, long after you’ve left! Think of Miranda from Sex in the City? Perhaps she didn’t have the sex appeal of Samantha or the innocence of Charlotte, but most men who were forced to watch the series with their girlfriends will remember her as ‘the redhead.’ Your hair color can become your identity and a vital part of who you are – think of all the famous redheads you love and you’ll see what I mean!


You’re Naturally Beautiful

You’re Naturally Beautiful Redheads such as Amy Adams and Julianne Moore have one thing in common, they’re naturally beautiful! In a world where everyone seems to have fake tan and hair extensions, redheads are ethereal, with their pale milky skin, light freckles and delicate appearance. Redheads stand out and don’t feel the need to conform to the world’s idea of beauty – they have a beauty all their own, and they’re not afraid to flaunt it! So rock your pale skin, your rosy cheeks and your russet ringlets – you rule!


Winter is Your Season

Winter is Your Season Many redheads burn in the sun, being sensitive to UV rays, and end up covered in factor 50 just to stop themselves burning. We’re always seeking the shade, or a wide brimmed hat to protect our pale skin. But when the rest of the world is moaning about the cold weather and curled up indoors as it’s snowing, redheads are having a great time! Winter is when you look most beautiful – your red hair stands out against grey, gloomy weather and your cheeks get a rosy glow from snowball fights and long walks in the rain.


You’re Passionate

You’re Passionate Many people associate red hair with a fiery temper, and it’s true that many redheads are extremely passionate. Because you’re always excited about something, and have opinions on everything, life with you is never dull – there’s always exciting events around the corner or funny stories to tell about your weekend. You channel the spirit of the redhead – vibrant, passionate and loving life, and that’s why you have the most fun of all!

I love having red hair as it feels very ‘me,’ and I’m sure lots of other people feel great with red hair too, whether it’s from a bottle or all-natural! I’m a huge fan of redheaded celebrities such as Julianne Moore, Amy Adams and Emma Stone, and think they embody a kick-ass spirit as well as awesome red hair! Who are some of your favorite red-haired celebrities or inspirational women? I’d love to know!

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@Jade, i agree with you but let the people be proud of themselves

Being redhead is a gift, it's great to be unique. I have learned over the years that my hair doesn't define me, was teased about for years, but now turned it into one of my greatest assets. With media altering images and telling us what beauty is supposed to look like I think its great to rock our uniqueness and stand out. It sets a great example for young girls trying to fins their self esteem! People that read redheads are afraid to be different. We were not put on this earth to blend in. Rock it!!

I love red hair. Wish I had it naturally. Have some natural amber reflexes though, depending on the light. :)

Natural redheads unite. It drives me nuts when I see ppl dye their hair red because when I was a child ppl bullied me because of my hair color.

Redheads also get their own cosmetics line with Redhead Revolution (redheadrevolution.us)!

According to National Geographic we\'re a dying breed. Amount of redheads present today versus years ago has drastically gone down. Just another reason to love being a redhead!

This is not true my best friend is a redhead and she hardly has fun and she has been depressed for years I really am offended when people say that hair color defines you it's just like saying that if a person is pretty they have a great personality and if they are ugly they don't

I wish I have red hair so I will not dye it and do touch ups.

I hate seeing girls at school who hate their red and dye it i love my red and have embraced it fully

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