9 Signs That You Need a Hair Color Change ...

Hair color change is a huge step! It’s scary, it’s risky, it may look totally wrong…I know it all! But it also may prove totally right, help you escape a boring routine and install a fresh dose of self-confidence just when you need it most. Should you go with a hair color change? Well, let’s see!

1. Everyone’s Hair Seems Nicer than Yours

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If you secretly envy or openly admire every single style you see on other people’s heads, you really need to consider either a cut or a hair color change. And don’t even try to sell me that ole “everyone’s hair is better than mine” trick – I’m not buying it! I’m absolutely sure your hair is just as great but I also believe you’ve gotten so bored of it you don’t even notice that anymore. Shake things up a bit. Go for highlights, lowlights or that subtle celebrity favorite combo of balayage and ombre – a new summer look can really work wonders!

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