8 Signs Your Hair is Damaged and Needs Attention ...


Healthy hair is amazing to have but it does take quite a lot of maintenance to keep it this way! That's why it's easy to slip behind and end up with damaged hair that needs attention in order to be made better.

Keep reading for a few typical signs of damaged hair as well as super helpful tips on how you can beat them!

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Split Ends

I'm sure basically everyone knows by now that if you see split ends, it's not a good sign! It's one of the most common signs of damaged hair that needs attention, so what you should do is book yourself a hair trim immediately. It's good to get those split ends chopped off before they climb up the strands and become much bigger problems later on!


Dry Ends

Dry ends are also a major sign of your hair needing attention! Luckily, to solve this problem all you have to do is buy a hair spray that you can apply to damp hair and it will lock in the moisture. The ends of hair are basically always the first to dry so keep applying this daily and regularly to keep them soft and hydrated!


Straw-like Texture

No one likes feeling their hair and thinking it feels just the same as a pile of straw, right? If this describes yours, it's safe to say that your hair has been majorly overworked from things such as styling it too much too often or just using too much of the beloved heat appliances. You can fix this problem by giving your hair a break; stop styling it for a few weeks and definitely lay off the hair straightener, curler and blow dryer until you see an improvement!


Hair Shedding

While it's really normal and fine to shed hair daily (expect to lose even more with longer hair), if you're finding your hair is falling out in clumps in the shower or just when you go to brush your hair at night, there's clearly a problem that needs your attention! Damaged hair is often weak and frail which can result in excessive hair shedding. Remember to be kind and gentle with your hair, especially when brushing!


Dulled Shine

It's a known fact that healthy hair has a great, long-lasting shine to it, right? So if yours has been looking a bit dull and overwhelming lately now is the time to take action! Switch up your hair products, buy a new shampoo and conditioner - particularly ones that promise to give your hair a healthy shine!


Too Much Dye

There's nothing wrong with dyeing your hair every few weeks to months, but if your dyeing or bleaching it much more than this it may be time to realise the damage it's causing your hair! I'm sure you already know that dye and bleach have tonnes of harmful chemicals that are pretty quick to set in and damage the hair follicles. Fix this common problem by laying off the hair dye for at least a month until you see a healthy change to your hair!


Lack of Moisture

Lack of moisture is very common with dry hair which may have been neglected lately! Luckily it's very easy to fix - one great thing you can do at home is a deep conditioning treatment (perfect for a rainy day) or you can simply dab coconut oil on the ends, which will lock in the moisture and leave it feeling silky soft and hydrated!


So Many Tangles

Basically everyone gets tangles in their hair from being out and about on a particularly windy day, but if you're finding tangles in your hair even when you haven't done much it may be time to investigate! Check the hair brush you're using and make sure it's suited to your hair type (whether that's curly, coarse, straight, thick or thin) and always remember to take your time brushing your hair - never tug or rush the job!

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I didn't dye anymore my hair because my hair easily becomes thin due to dye.

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