7 Sizzling Summertime Highlights ...


7 Sizzling Summertime Highlights ...
7 Sizzling Summertime Highlights ...

Recently, I put some honey blond highlights in my hair. I did this partly because my hair always gets lighter in the summer anyway, but mainly because I wanted to try that whole ochre look, especially since that makes it a lot easier to let your hair grow out to its normal color, if that's your druthers. Anyway, the whole process got me to thinking about highlights in general – what colors look best, the hot new trends, and so on. So, take a look at some sizzling summertime highlights – maybe you'll find a look you love!

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Shades of Red

If you want some really sizzling summertime highlights, then red is definitely the way to go. No matter what your base hair color, red will look super hot. The best part is, there are so many different shades of red, you can definitely find the perfect color. It might be a bright cherry red, a more subdued auburn, or a bright, shiny copper.


Molten Gold

Shades of gold are similarly gorgeous, but you have to be careful here so the highlights don't get too brassy. You should really see a stylist who knows what they're doing, so they can mix shades of blond, honey, copper, some red, and even some ash, to create a gorgeous, gleaming sheathe of golden highlights.


All-over Blond

Of course, you can also go with straight blond, in any one of its varying shades. Blond is probably the most popular highlight color, and it looks great during the summer. If you decide to go blond, not only will you have some seriously sizzling summertime highlights, you can also keep them fresh and bright simply by spending time outside.



Some people want to go really bright; they want to rock the blond hardcore. If you think you'd like to try that, then platinum is definitely the way to go. Again, though, you'll want to go to a professional stylist for highlights in this color. It's so light that you might damage your hair if you try to do it yourself.


Hot Pink

Hot pink is an extremely popular highlight color right now. Actually, many technicolor shades are popular, but hot pink definitely tops the list. You can do this with just about any base color and it will look good – but you might want to keep it temporary, just in case you get tired of the trend quickly.


Brown in Blond

There's no saying that blonds can't enjoy sizzling summertime highlights as well. Blonds who get brown or brunette highlights look really gorgeous. The combination is stunning, and there are tons of variations. You can go light brown, dark brown, or anything in between.


Black in Blond

A lot of blondies are also trying jet black highlights. This is a really creative look, but you have to be willing to go bold if you want to try it. If you don't really want to have black highlights, then you might consider having the darker shade put in underneath the top layers of your hair instead.

Highlights are a great option, because you can get a new color without being tied down to something all-over that you might get tired of in a few weeks. And as you can see by these sizzling summertime highlights, the new season is a great time to try something new. Do you like highlights, or do you prefer all-over color?

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