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At Home Highlighting is a serious money saver. I'm a fan of highlights, especially since I embarked on a journey to grow out my hair to get rid of all the dye. The problem there is roots, of course, as my natural color reveals itself. Highlights are a way to take care of that problem without dyeing my whole head. I prefer at home highlighting kits because I just can't justify spending that much money at the salon. Between the Better Half, my mom, and myself, there are three people who have gotten really adept at the whole DIY highlighting thing, so I'm set! If you're interested in doing it yourself as well, here are several at home highlighting kits I've tried and loved!

1. L'Oreal Color Experte Express Easy 2-in-1 Color + Highlights

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Price: $11.99 at drugstore.com
This is a great at home highlighting kit if you do want to incorporate all over color as well. You get the base color of your choice – and there are a ton – and then a mix for highlights that match the base color. I really like this kit, but you have to be careful with the highlights themselves. My only con is that you have to time them really carefully, or else your streaks will turn out a bit brassy.

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