Telling Signs It's Time to Hit the Salon for a Haircut ...


Telling Signs It's Time to Hit the Salon for a Haircut ...
Telling Signs It's Time to Hit the Salon for a Haircut ...

Not been to the hair salon for a while? Been putting off changing your look, undecided about what style you want, just not had time, or can’t be bothered? It’s time to stop and listen to your hair because it could be screaming at you to book an appointment.

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You Have More Tangles than Curls!

When using a hairbrush becomes an exercise in torture and self-harm because of all the tangles in your hair, then it’s definitely time to head for the salon! An excess of tangles because your hair has become that touch too long can become a vicious cycle because the more you try to unknot, the more likely you are to cause more breakage, which in turn will cause, yep you guessed it, more tangles!


You Always Put Your Hair up

If your go-to style is to pull it all up in to a messy bun or a ponytail, it is pretty likely that you are not happy with how your hair is looking when it is down. Instead of sticking to those few trusted styles, get yourself down to the salon and let the stylist open up your hair to many more looks that you can enjoy. From now on you’ll only wear it up when you are in the gym!


You Are Underwhelmed by What You See

A woman’s hair is an important and prominent part of her look, so if you feel underwhelmed when you look in the mirror it can be more psychologically damaging than you think. Head to the salon and explore some new style options and you will completely surprised by just how much more confident and sexy you will feel when you find a haircut that makes you say wow when you look in the mirror instead of ‘meh’!


It’s Very Hard to Maintain Your Style

If you have worked your hair in to a signature style that is really hard to maintain and very time consuming, then it might be time to cut your losses and explore different looks. If you need a can of hairspray every day to keep things in place or you are doing damage by using the curling iron every single morning, then think about going to the salon for a change that will make your life much easier!


Split Ends Are Taking over

Some women are more prone to split ends than others, but there is no fighting the situation once they arrive; they are only going to multiply and get much worse! As soon as you notice more split ends than you think are normal, it’s time to get to the hairdresser so that they can give you a fresh cut and keep your hair strong and healthy.


You’ve Rocked the Same Style for Years

Are you one of those women who has rocked the exact same hairstyle since you graduated college? It might not be a bad look, but don’t you think it’s about time to explore new looks for a new day? You’ll be surprised just how many more modern cuts would suit you!


You Just Want to!

It’s a woman’s prerogative to do what the hell she wants when the hell she wants, so if you feel the winds of change coming around the corner, then head to salon and express yourself by changing your hair!

Put your salon on speed dial and use it often ^_^

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