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The Craziest Beauty Trends Men Rocked in 2015 ...

By Eliza

Men get hooked on certain styles just like us women do. They might fall for a hairdo they like on someone else and get their own hair cut that way too. Sometimes we love the way they look, but sometimes we don't. Here are some crazy styles that men rocked this year. You be the judge of whether they are totally working or totally not working.

1 Long on Top, Shaved on the Sides

Long on Top, Shaved on the SidesCould your man pull this off?

2 Crazy Colors

Crazy ColorsFunky colors aren't just for the ladies.


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3 Long and Floppy

Long and FloppyLongish hair isn't always stylish on a man, but I think he's rocking it.

4 Swooped Back on Top

Swooped Back on TopLong hair on top lets a guy swoop it back to create this look.

5 Guy Top Knot

Guy Top KnotNope, girls aren't the only gender that can rock a top knot.

6 Side Swept

Side SweptWhat do you think about this look?

7 Matching Beard and 'stache

Matching Beard and 'stacheWould the man in your life ever do this to his hair?

8 Side Shave

Side ShaveThis look became quite popular in 2015.

9 Deep Part

Deep PartThat deep side part makes this look really nice.

10 Short All around

Short All aroundThe beard balances well with the shortness of the hair style here.

11 Long and Flowing

Long and FlowingLong hair will never go out of style for men.

12 Faux Hawk

Faux HawkThis look has been in style a long time, but it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

13 Braided Top Knot

Braided Top KnotWhat do you think about this look for a man?

14 Man Bun

Man BunDo you like the man bun?

15 This Haircut

This HaircutThis is different, but I kind of like it. Do you?

17 Pushed Back

Pushed BackThis look lets a handsome face shine through.

Which one would love to see on your man?

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