The Hairstyle You Need to Attract His Zodiac Sign ...


The Hairstyle You Need to Attract His Zodiac Sign ...
The Hairstyle You Need to Attract His Zodiac Sign ...

When it comes to making changes to your appearance in order to get attention and capture the affections of a crush, your hair is something that can make a big impact! Guys don’t always notice small differences in things like makeup or style, but something that is clearly visible to everyone is your hair! Don’t underestimate just how much of an effect the perfect hairstyle can have. Here is the hairstyle you need to attract his zodiac sign.

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Your adventurous and active lifestyle lends itself to a voluminous pixie cut, and that kind of sexy, short style is also the type of thing that really gets an Aries guy interested!



Taurus guys like longer hair, but not in a super stylish look or something that is going to be intimidating to them, so a casual ‘lob’ is perfect.


The key to captivating a Taurus man with your locks lies in simplicity and femininity. Opt for soft waves or a subtle, tousled texture with your 'lob' that gently frames your face. The earthiness of this sign appreciates natural beauty, so stay away from over-the-top colors or cutting-edge trends. They're drawn to a more classic and timeless aesthetic, which speaks to their desire for stability and comfort. Remember, a Taurus treasures authenticity, so let your hairstyle reflect the real you.

Frequently asked questions

An Aries guy loves bold and adventurous looks. Think about a hairstyle that stands out, like a chic pixie cut or edgy bangs. Trust me, he’ll be all over it.

Pisces men adore dreamy, romantic styles. Try something with soft waves or loose curls. Anything that feels fairy-tale-like will catch their eye!

Aquarius guys are all about unconventional and unique looks. For short hair, consider a stylish undercut or a spiky look. He’ll appreciate your individuality!

A Leo man loves a glamorous and luxurious hairstyle. Think big, voluminous curls or a sleek, glossy blowout. The more eye-catching, the better!

Absolutely! Each zodiac sign has its own set of traits that influence what they find attractive. It’s all about matching your hairstyle with his personality traits. It’s super fun to experiment with!



Gemini guys like to live that full luxury fantasy with girls, so rocking a set of long flowing waves will give him images of relaxing on a beach with you, cocktails in hand and soft music playing in the background!



There is something about a sleek, no-nonsense middle parting that appeals to Cancers. He likes everything in his life to be neat, so you are better off reflecting that in your hairstyle.


Cancers appreciate comfort and simplicity, so a hairstyle that's equally effortless yet alluring complements their need for harmony. Opt for soft waves that gently frame the face, embodying the nurturing spirit of this water sign. A hint of romanticism can be added with loose, gentle curls cascading down the shoulders, hinting at the depth of emotion that a Cancer man harbors. He'll be drawn to the tender, almost poetic vibe that such a look exudes, enhancing the intuitive connection that is so vital to him. Keep it flowing and unpretentious; that's the key to capturing his heart through your locks.



Sleek and shiny are the two things that a Leo likes best, so if you want to impress him, crack out the straighteners and the posh serum and get things as sleek and shiny as you possibly can!


Leo is one of the most confident and expressive signs of the zodiac. They love to stand out and be the center of attention, and their hairstyle is no exception. To attract a Leo, it's important to go for a look that's both sleek and shiny.

A classic hairstyle for Leo is a long, straight cut. To make it look sleek and shiny, use a good quality straightener and serum. Make sure to use a heat protectant spray before styling to keep your hair healthy. For an extra touch of glamour, add some loose curls at the ends.

Another great look for Leo is a voluminous, bouncy blowout. This style is perfect for those with naturally curly hair, as it will emphasize the curls while still keeping them sleek and shiny. To achieve this look, use a good quality heat protectant and a round brush while blow drying. Finish with a serum or shine spray to give your hair an extra glossy look.



Voluminous curls are definitely top of the list for impressing a Virgo guy. He likes everything to be as big and beautiful as possible, so the more volume you can get in your curls, the better.



Libras are never sure what they really want, so something like an asymmetrical cut is perfect because it will give him lots of different angles and lengths to look at and enjoy!


For the Libra man, an asymmetrical cut is the perfect hairstyle to attract his attention. As Libras are known for being indecisive, this cut gives them the opportunity to enjoy different angles and lengths. This style is perfect for the Libra man who is looking for something that stands out from the crowd.

An asymmetrical cut is also great for the Libra man because it is versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways. It can be worn short and spiky or long and wavy. This cut can also be styled with a side part or a center part, allowing the Libra man to switch up his look whenever he wants.

This cut is perfect for the Libra man because it is easy to maintain and can be styled in a matter of minutes. It is also ideal for those who have thick or curly hair as it can help to reduce the bulk and create a more manageable look.



Scorpios aren’t so interested in the actual style or length of your hair; what he will be most interested in is whether you have adorned it with any kind of cool accessories.


For a Scorpio man, it's all about the mystery and excitement you can bring to your look. Think elaborate clips, striking headbands, or even sparkling pins that catch the light—and his attention—in just the right way. He admires a woman who can express her personality and depth through her choices, so don't hesitate to pick unique or even slightly edgy hair embellishments that tell a story or symbolize something special to you. In the eyes of a Scorpio, these details are not merely decorative, but extensions of your inner self and your enigmatic allure.



For some reason, Sagittarius guys love layers. I think it probably has something to with the fact that he can imagine himself running his hands through all of the layers!


Sagittarius men love layered hairstyles because they are adventurous and enjoy variety. Layers can add texture and volume to hair, and the different lengths can create a dynamic look. When styling a layered look, be sure to use products that are specifically designed for layers, as they will help to keep the look in place. If you want to add a bit of edge, try adding in some highlights or lowlights to really bring out the layers. Keep in mind that Sagittarius men love trying new things, so don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and colors.



Anything quirky is what a Capricorn loves, so think about cutting a cool fringe to catch his attention.


Capricorn men love anything that stands out and is unusual. They are drawn to people who express themselves through fashion and style. A cool fringe is the perfect way to get a Capricorn's attention. This hairstyle is a great way to show off your personality and style, and it's sure to make a lasting impression. To get the best results, make sure to find a hairstyle that flatters your face shape and complements your features. With the right cut and color, you'll be sure to turn heads and get a Capricorn's attention.



He will never be the kind of guy who is interested in the colour or the exact length of your hair, but something that will get his attention is a pretty and intricate plait.


Aquarius men are known for being independent and progressive thinkers, so they are drawn to hairstyles that express creativity and individuality. A pretty and intricate plait will definitely grab their attention, as it shows off the wearer’s skill and artistry. Aquarius men also tend to be attracted to natural beauty, so it’s best to keep your hairstyle looking effortless and low maintenance. A messy bun, a wavy bob, or a simple braid are all good options for an Aquarius man. Since Aquarius men are also known for being quite unconventional, don’t be afraid to experiment with bold and unique hairstyles.



He still has a classic vision of female beauty that Barbie gave him as a child, so a nice high ponytail is something that will get him going no doubt!

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