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These Fiery Celeb Redheads Will Finally Convince You to Take the Plunge ...

By Vanessa

We all know natural redheads are a bit of a rarity (less than 4% of the world's population has naturally red hair) so it makes sense that people would want to match their personality to the fiery color. Thank God for hair dye, right?! If you've been thinking about taking the plunge, check out these celebrities who have made the color spike in popularity:

1 Isla Fisher

Isla FisherIsla's had different shades of red but my favorite is when her hair looks strawberry blonde!

2 Emma Stone

Emma StoneEmma's no stranger to experimenting with different hair colors but I think she looks best with her red locks. I especially love the new ombre thing she has going on!


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3 Jessica Chastain

Jessica ChastainJessica Chastain's signature red hair has gone a bit lighter with the actress currently rocking a strawberry blonde hue.

4 Amy Adams

Amy AdamsAmy Adam's red hair is stunning! It's a beautiful contrast to her baby blue eyes.

5 Kristen Stewart

Kristen StewartTwilight's Kristen Stewart has sported a few different hair colors but this bright red/orange one has been one of my favorite looks from her.

6 Julianne Moore

Julianne MooreJulianne's one of the best known celebrity redheads and I have to say, I think she looks best with red tresses!

7 Florence Welch

Florence WelchFlorence makes a statement anywhere she goes with her fiery red hair.

8 Drew Barrymore

Drew BarrymoreI think we can all agree that Drew can pull off ANY hair color, right?

9 Debra Messing

Debra MessingI love Debra Messing as a redhead because her eyes just pop!

10 Debby Ryan

Debby RyanAlthough she was recently rocking platinum blonde hair, Debby has returned to red to finish filming her Disney series, Jessie!

Do you think you'll ever take the plunge and become a fiery redhead?!

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