7 Tips for Choosing the Right Shade of Red ...


Choosing the right shade of red can be such a nightmare! It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking lipsticks, hair dyes or clothes, there’s always that teeny-tiny fear that the end result might not be what we’ve been hoping for. A completely justified fear, for sure, as the wrong shade of red plays with your skin tone quite a bit, making it appear more yellow that it actually is or even green! Yes, green! Worry not, as there is a perfect red shade for each skin tone! And FYI, that’s a pro opinion, not something I made up on the go. But let’s talk hair, shall we? And if becoming a red-head was a part of your New Year’s resolution, choosing the perfect red shade should prove to be much easier with these tips.

1. Skin Tone Matters the Most

Choosing the right shade of red has everything to do with your skin type and that’s something you should never ever try to ignore. Tread carefully if you have a yellowish, beige or olive complexion, as finding a perfect red to match might prove to be quite challenging. But wait, maybe you’re a pink-tan girl? Well, that’s one thing to be super happy about, as pink undertones and red hair really are a match made in heaven.

Fair-Tanned Ladies Should Keep It Light
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