Up Your Wow-Factor This Winter with the Season's Sassiest Styles ...

It's official – Winter has us firmly clasped in her icy clutches, wreaking havoc on both the temperatures and our hair. Isn't it a good time to update that whole situation happening on top of your pretty head? Why not go for a fresh, fab new look that lends itself well to the icy temps and feisty winter winds? Courtesy of Elle, here are five phenomenal 'dos to consider this season, all recommended by celebrity stylist Cervando Maldonado.

1. Full Fringe with a Little Texture

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Source: elle.com

Last year, the short shag was all the rage. This year, that look evolves into something a little less structured and a little more textured. If you want to evoke the same sexy vibes as Kerry Washington, Naomi Campbell, or Dakota Johnson, the key is to go for loose waves and full but piece-y bangs that skim your eyebrows. To maintain this style, Cervando Maldonado recommends coming in for a haircut every 8-10 weeks but go in every five weeks to get your fringe trimmed. To get that carelessly chic, tousled bedhead, you'll definitely need some volumizing spray.

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