7 Video Tutorials on Making Hats ...


Making Hats is fun, creative and totally interesting so I was thinking – if we can make our own jewelry, experiment with clothes and whatnot, why can’t we indulge in some hat-making as well! Wouldn’t you want to rock a totally unique hat? Well, check out these 7 amazing hat-making videos and get crafting!

1. Retro Inspired Hat


Now, I’m not really skilled in hat-making and working a sewing machine pretty much equals to flying a space shuttle for me so excuse me for seeing this as waay to complicated! I’m sure some of you will appreciate the idea and find that making hats like this isn’t so hard after all! The result is pretty amazing, that’s for sure… so amazing that I’ll probably have to promise to do a lot of dishes to get my mom to make me a fab piece such as this one.

Super Cute Top Hat
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