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Making Hats is fun, creative and totally interesting so I was thinking – if we can make our own jewelry, experiment with clothes and whatnot, why can’t we indulge in some hat-making as well! Wouldn’t you want to rock a totally unique hat? Well, check out these 7 amazing hat-making videos and get crafting!

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Retro Inspired Hat

Now, I’m not really skilled in hat-making and working a sewing machine pretty much equals to flying a space shuttle for me so excuse me for seeing this as waay to complicated! I’m sure some of you will appreciate the idea and find that making hats like this isn’t so hard after all! The result is pretty amazing, that’s for sure… so amazing that I’ll probably have to promise to do a lot of dishes to get my mom to make me a fab piece such as this one.


Super Cute Top Hat

Another fabulous, super-helpful Threadbanger video and another fabulous idea! Aren’t these hat-making videos just awesome? Well, as you can see – there is no need for special tools or special skill, just check out the video, follow the instructions carefully and you’ll have a gorgeous, totally whimsical top hat in no time!


Hat Making from Scratch

Have you ever tried to wet-felt a hat before? Well, it does need a bit of work, that’s for sure, but at least there is no sewing involved (thank God). And how cool would it be to actually make your own beret?! Pretty awesome, for sure! This interesting technique is definitely worth learning and since Threadbanger has such nice videos, you’ll definitely want to watch and learn until you’re prepared to start making hats!


Chinese Hat Making

Okay, I know that making hats like these doesn’t make much sense, at least not in terms of fashion but seeing how it’s done might prove to be useful if you’re creative! After all, even Lady Gaga wore a few similar designs and, if you like her style or just want to pull off a Gaga-like costume I bet you’ll have no problem adding feathers, beads and lace after you’ve got this basic design covered. Right? And with that said – enjoy learning how to make a hat as interesting and versatile as this one!


Fur & Fleece Trapper Hat

Trapper hats are fun, totally stylish and will definitely keep you warm during these cold days (and if you’re from Europe you know exactly how cold these last couple of days have been). Simply download and print the pattern, cut out your pieces and start sewing them together as shown in the video! Now, isn’t this one of the best hat-making videos ever?


Easy No Sew Fleece Hat

Let the grandma teach you how it’s done! And, if you ask me, I’d say this particular grandma has a lot of neat tricks up her sleeve! I mean, just check out this great fleece hat! Almost no sewing involved (okay, a couple of stitches but, come on, the work is really minimal) and you'll have a wonderful, very girly hat as a result! Don’t know about you but that’s how I like my hat-making videos – simple, fast and easy to do!


Crochet Beanies

The last on my list of great tutorials on making hat is a crochet video that ought to help you make your own, super-stylish, incredibly warm beanie! Yup, I know- the Christmas season is over so I guess you won’t be able to use this as awesome Christmas gift ideas but…hey… count your stitches and rows because you have until next Christmas to get really good at it!

Learning how to make a hat is easy with these great hat making tutorials! So get set, get creative and don’t forget to let me know how it turned out!

Top Image Source: weheartit.com

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