20 Weird 🤔 but Wonderful 🤗 Hair Hacks for All 💯 Girls' Pet Peeves 😒 ...

Annoying hair is something we all deal with, right? When it happens, and it will eventually, you need the right products to fix the problem and have a great hair day. The things on this list might seem a little weird at first, but I promise that they will work wonders on your strands. No matter what your particular hair woe happens to be, there's something here to set it right. Thank you to bustle.com for these great recommendations. We love you for it!


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R+Co Foil Frizz Plus Static Control Spray, $27, Amazon

Sometimes after you curl or blow dry your hair, it can get super frizzy from the heat. Look for an anti-static spray that can tame your little baby hairs that just don't seem to want to stay down. Frizz is definitely my worst enemy when it comes to hair concerns, and I've found this spray works the best. It's made with vitamin E, argan oil, thermal polymers, and an anti-static agent. The ingredients work together to seal your hair cuticle, make it look shiny, and leave you with a frizz-free look.

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