What We Should All Know about Female Body Hair ...


What possessed Mother Nature to furnish us with body hair? What's it for? Why saddle us with hairy arm pits, furry toes, pelts on our legs and stubble on our middle-aged chins? No matter how much women grumble, there's a reason for that exuberant growth. Blame evolution! So here's why you can't retire your razor just yet:

1. Eyelashes

Mother Nature didn't invent them so mascara manufacturers can tempt you with different shades. Just like eyebrows, eyelashes serve the purpose of protecting eyes from dust, moisture, annoying insects and anything else that might drift into eyes and may harm you. As chemotherapy patients all over the world can testify: life without eyelashes means considerable more eye irritation from sweat, dust, rain etc. Evolution also gave us eyelashes to alert us to danger. When an object comes too close to our eyes and into contact with our eyelashes, we instinctively shut our eyelids to protect our eyes - try putting contact lenses in for the first time and you'll know that's true!

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