7 Variations on a French Twist ...


The French twist is one of the most classic updos there is.

It seems complicated until you practice it a few times, at which points it's even easy to do on yourself.

As beautiful as it is, though, it can get boring in and of itself.

As it happens, there are a surprising number of variations on a French twist that can make this gorgeous updo cool, cute, fun, and funky.

Take a look!

1. The French Twist Bun

Now, I'm going on the assumption that y'all know how to do a basic French twist, because describing how to do it is a post all its own.

This variation on a French twist is thus easy to do, and it looks incredibly elegant.

All you need to do is take the leftover loop, flatten it, pin it down, and make sure it matches the approximate shape of a bun.

If you've got thin or fine hair, this will make it look lush and bountiful.

2. The Braided Twist

As you'll see, there are lots of ways a braid can enhance your French twist.

In this case, you just have to begin by pulling your hair into a small half ponytail at the crown.

That will be the section you braid.

After that, you proceed as you normally would;

you'll just have braiding peeking out of the time of your twist!

3. The Braided Crown

This variation on a French twist works on the premise of number 2 up there.

However, instead of tucking the braid at your crown into the twist, leave it out, and proceed as normal with the rest of your hair.

Then, wrap your braid around the edge of your twist, to create a little crown.

You can do this the opposite way as well, and braid a section of hair below the main twist.

Either way, you just tuck in the ends once you have it wrapped in the shape you want.

The Messy Twist
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