7 Different Natural Rinses for Various Types of Hair ...


7 Different Natural Rinses for Various Types of Hair ...
7 Different Natural Rinses for Various Types of Hair ...

Natural rinses for hair are the easiest natural treatments ever! These hair rinses are easily made with only a few very cheap ingredients, most of them don’t require any additional rinsing but still work wonders in so many ways. Healthy scalp, hair-growth, natural highlights, luscious, soft hair…all of these can be achieved with a herbal rinse! Sounds interesting? Then you simply must try some of the following recipes:

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Anti-Dandruff Catnip Rinse

This bushy herb, famous for the rather weird effect it has on cats can be used as one of the natural rinses for hair as well! It promotes healthy hair growth, balances pH value of skin on the scalp and is a natural cure for dandruff. Want to give it a shot? Simply boil a strong catnip tea, let it cool down and massage into your scalp after the wash. Let it sit for a few minutes then rinse of using mild or preferably cool water.


Anti-Odor Tomato Rinse

Chlorine, tobacco smoke or even a DIY treatment went horribly wrong – there are tons of situations in which your hair can acquire an unpleasant smell or even weird, greenish color! Luckily, there are hair rinses to help you with that! Tomato juice, for example, works wonders for smelly hair, helping it regain its natural, normal smell as well as normal color. It also balances skin’s pH and, if left on as a mask, it is even said to help hair grow faster.


Hibiscus Rinse for Red Highlights

Want to try something totally simple, hassle-free and effective? Boil ¼ of a cup of dried hibiscus flower and 2 cups of water, strain it and use this herbal rinse after shampooing and conditioning. No need to rinse out or trouble yourself with complicated procedures – simply apply and reapply until you’re happy with your reddish highlights!


Rosemary and Sage Rinse for Gray Hair

Natural rinses for hair are not only extremely healthy but could help you cover grey hair as well! And in order to do so, you’ll need to boil a half cup of each rosemary and sage leaves (dried) in 2 cups of water. Let the mixture simmer for about 30 minutes then steep it for a few hours before straining the mixture and applying it to your hair. No need to rinse right away – allow the mixture to dry on your hair, then rinse the excess off. The results won’t be perfect at first but the color will darken after several applications. Use this mixture every few days until you reach the shade you want then apply once a month to keep the color fresh.


Sage Rinse for Oily Hair

This nice-smelling, soothing herb boosts hair growth and removes excess oil which makes it ideal to use on oily scalp! Simply boil one teaspoon of sage per cup of water and you’ll get a fantastic herbal rinse you can use after every wash. Just be patient, continue to use this treatment over the course of three weeks and your scalp should become healthier and less oily.


Marigold and Wine Rinse for Red Highlights and Dry Hair

Marigold natural rinse for hair won’t only give your brown locks wonderful reddish streaks but hydrate and make it soft as well! It’s sort of a natural hair dye and a treatment for dry hair all in one! Simply boil one third of a cup of fresh Marigold flowers in two cups of distilled water, let the mixture cool down, strain it, then add one quarter of a cup red wine. Use this mixture after your shampoo and conditioner and reapply it until you reach your desired shade.


Birch Leaf Rinse for Strong Hair

If you have an itchy, flaky, easily irritable scalp or problems with thinning hair, you’ll absolutely love this last of my natural rinses for hair. Wait…strike that! I bet you’ll love it regardless of your hair type or type of problems you might be having! You see, birch leaves have so many healthy properties that it would be a shame not to give them a try! They heal and soothe skin, work wonders for many skin diseases, strengthen hair roots, make hair soft and shiny and promote healthy, dandruff-free scalp. Great – aren’t they? What are you waiting for then –boil a cup of water and one tablespoon of dried birch leaves, let the mixture cool down then strain and use as a final rinse.

Have you ever used natural rinses for hair and which of these recipes for hair rinses sound like something you’ll be willing to try?

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