7 Different Natural Rinses for Various Types of Hair ...


Natural rinses for hair are the easiest natural treatments ever! These hair rinses are easily made with only a few very cheap ingredients, most of them don’t require any additional rinsing but still work wonders in so many ways. Healthy scalp, hair-growth, natural highlights, luscious, soft hair…all of these can be achieved with a herbal rinse! Sounds interesting? Then you simply must try some of the following recipes:

1. Anti-Dandruff Catnip Rinse

This bushy herb, famous for the rather weird effect it has on cats can be used as one of the natural rinses for hair as well! It promotes healthy hair growth, balances pH value of skin on the scalp and is a natural cure for dandruff. Want to give it a shot? Simply boil a strong catnip tea, let it cool down and massage into your scalp after the wash. Let it sit for a few minutes then rinse of using mild or preferably cool water.

Anti-Odor Tomato Rinse