DIY Winter Hair Care Oil to Give Your Locks a Little Lovin' ...

It is winter time and maybe your hair is suffering a little seasonal affective disorder. LOL. Give it some love in the new year with this DIY winter hair care oil. Most of the ingredients may be found in your pantry and vanity.

Although the video shows solid form coconut oil, I wonder if one may use store-bought liquid form? What do you think?

You might not have castor oil in your house. A quick trip to the dollar store would be well worth the trouble.

Do you use vitamin e for other beauty uses? Now you know another way it is good!

As for lavender oil, you can use others, also. Personally, I think a rose-scented would be better. For some odd reason, I think lavender is a "manly" scent.

My "do" takes forever to grow. Maybe this could be another form of Miracle Grow, a plant food that my family would put on flowers and vegetable plants!

Thank you for watching. I hope you found the video to your liking!

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