Hairstyles That'll Bring out Your Preppy Side ...

Isn’t it crazy just how easily a hairstyle can make or break an outfit? You can have the cutest outfit in the world on, but if your hair doesn’t look good, no one’s going to be paying attention to your outfit. If your style is preppy but you’ve been having trouble coming up with new hairstyles, don’t worry! I’ve compiled a list of my favorite hairstyles for girls with preppy style. These hairstyles will go with all of your favorite outfits!

1. A Sleek Top Knot

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One of the most important aspects of rocking hair that goes with preppy style is making sure that it’s sleek and put-together. A sleek topknot is perfect for that. Simply slick your hair back into a ponytail and then wrap the ponytail into a simple bun. It’s a simple style, but it will absolutely pull any look together. If you’re looking for something quick and put-together, a sleek topknot is the way to go!

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