10 Happenin' Headbands ...

I love happenin’ headbands; they’re among my favorite hair accessories, primarily because it doesn’t really matter whether your hair is long, short, or somewhere in between – you can still wear them. They can add a lot of flair to an outfit as well, especially since you can find bands that are casual or dressy. Sometimes I want ‘em plain and sometimes I want lots of flourishes – you’ll find plenty of both in this list of happenin’ headbands for all kinds of hairstyles!

1. Garden Grows Headband

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Price: $13.99 at modcloth.com
You know me and the color pink, so it’s probably no surprise that the first happenin’ headband I found is a gorgeous shade of pink. I love Mod Cloth’s hair accessories anyway, but this headband is just tops. I love those roses, which are made of mesh, making the band extraordinarily feminine.

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