Locks of Love - How to Make Your Hair Smell Amazing All Day Long ...


We pay so much attention to the looks of our locks that we sometimes forget about the smell of them. After all, most people don't come close to us to smell our hair, anyway. However, you never know when a cutie will lean in to whisper to you. That means the more delicious your hair smells, the better. If you've never really thought about the odor of your hair, here are a few ways to make it smell amazing all day long:

1. Brush Your Hair to Get Rid of Dirt

Brushing your hair does more than keep it smooth and tangle-free. It also makes sure that there's no dust or dead skin sticking to it. So the more you brush it, the better your chances are that it will smell great all day long.

Put Lavender Oil or Jasmine Oil on Your Hairbrush
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