7 Pros of Having Long Hair ...


Pros of having long hair are what makes going through all that trouble worth it. Sure, there are plenty of cons to whine about and even occasions in which a long haired girl may get the urge to just chop it all off but hey, claiming long hair is nothing but pain is totally untrue and unfair. After all, if that were the case, I doubt anyone would be interested in rocking it. Don’t you agree? My previous post describing cons of this length might have made you think that there are no pros of having long hair good enough to convince you to start growing it out. Think again! Check out this interesting, opposing list to find out more about all those great things to expect from long hair, compare it to the list of cons I’ve described in the other post and you’ll know exactly what to do.

1. It’s Versatile

One of the most important pros of having long hair is, of course, its versatility. But it gets even better! You see, hairstyles for long hair happen to be so popular that you don’t even have to dig very deep to find tons of ideas. Styling long hair can get quite time-consuming but all that hard work really pays out in the end, encouraging you to explore even further and play with your hair often. But that’s not all! More than 50 percent of heatless curling methods and easy on the go styles are possible only if you have long (or longish) hair, which is another long hair pro we shouldn’t forget.

Most Guys Love It
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