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By Jelena

Pros of having long hair are what makes going through all that trouble worth it. Sure, there are plenty of cons to whine about and even occasions in which a long haired girl may get the urge to just chop it all off but hey, claiming long hair is nothing but pain is totally untrue and unfair. After all, if that were the case, I doubt anyone would be interested in rocking it. Don’t you agree? My previous post describing cons of this length might have made you think that there are no pros of having long hair good enough to convince you to start growing it out. Think again! Check out this interesting, opposing list to find out more about all those great things to expect from long hair, compare it to the list of cons I’ve described in the other post and you’ll know exactly what to do.

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It’s Versatile

One of the most important pros of having long hair is, of course, its versatility. But it gets even better! You see, hairstyles for long hair happen to be so popular that you don’t even have to dig very deep to find tons of ideas. Styling long hair can get quite time-consuming but all that hard work really pays out in the end, encouraging you to explore even further and play with your hair often. But that’s not all! More than 50 percent of heatless curling methods and easy on the go styles are possible only if you have long (or longish) hair, which is another long hair pro we shouldn’t forget.


Most Guys Love It

Most guys I’ve met really love long hair. Even my husband thinks long is way sexier and more girly than short or medium length. All of these guys agree that hair length doesn’t affect their choice of partners, stating that they wouldn’t refuse to date a girl they like simply because her hair isn’t of the appropriate length. They would secretly hope she’ll decide to grow it long sometime in the future, though, and enjoy running their fingers through each new inch.


It Keeps You Warm in Winter

LOL! Time for some seriously weird long hair pros, huh? But why not? You long mane might have made the summer unbearable, but that extra heat will sure come handy should you ever forget to wear a scarf during chilly months. Tuck it in your shirt, secure by pulling the lapels of your coat up or buttoning the collar all the way up and you’ve killed two birds with one stone! You’ve found a way to protect your neck from the chills and managed to tuck your ends and protect them as well.


It Doesn’t Pouf Easily

Every long hair con has a long hair pro to match. Remember how much I wailed about my hair feeling too heavy now? Well, the good news is that it doesn’t pouf nearly as much as it used to. Curls don’t shrink as much as they did before, and the wet and dry lengths are almost the same thing now. Still can’t decide on whether this is a good or a bad thing – it does make curls way more subtle, sometimes even wave-like (which I sometimes hate), but it also prevents them from shrinking (which guarantees a perfect shape without weird poufy lumps).


It’s the Envy of Many

One of the most fascinating long hair pros is the fact that everyone wants to touch it/own it. People seem to notice your hair every time you decide to let your hair loose and all you’ll need to do in order to shock and awe is to wear it up for a day or two, then let it loose! Girlfriends you see literally everyday will comment on how much your hair has grown, despite the fact that it used to be of the same length yesterday and the day before, often asking you how do you manage to keep it long. Hair styling savvy ones or, if you’re lucky, girlfriends that happen to be stylists, will want to try new stuff on your hair which, if you allow it, means you’ll get to rock wonderful up dos with none of the cost or the effort that usually come in tow.

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It Shows That You’re Serious about Your Hair’s Health

Trying to grow my hair made me see a lot of things clearly. Like how much effort and devotion long healthy hair requires! I used to envy long haired girls, thinking they’re just lucky (which was pretty stupid, I admit) but I know better now! Furthermore, every time I see a girl rocking a shiny, healthy long mane, I just want to approach and congratulate her on taking such good care of her hair. It’s time consuming, it can be pretty costly and it definitely isn’t something you can put on a shelf and take out only when you’re in the mood to show off.


It Fits Almost All Face Shapes

Long hair will elongate a round face, helping it look leaner; it will help soften up the sharp planes of an angular face; it will hide the edges of a square face, making it appear rounder; and it looks fantastic matched with a heart-shaped face. Girls with oval faces can pull off any style, of course, and that includes long hair as well. What does that say to us, ladies? Well, long hair is a foolproof style, of course!

Can you add a few more long hair pros to help tilt the scale and make other ladies see how great long hair really is? Do tell!

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haha I love number 3!

It makes you look strong, feminine and like a princess

I have waist length hair and I'm 36. One reason I like it long is that I'm lazy and I don't have to do much to fix it. :)

Long hair are very feminine. I have long thick hip length hair and where ever I go I got tons of compliments and they always stand and ask tips. Sometimes its funny especially when little girls come and ask to let them touch my hair.

Then why do some women like Stella Cini look beautiful with short hair?

Long hair is easier to manage, if ur in a hurry u can tie it up if u've got time u can style it

How long did it take you to grow your hair out

I am growing my hair longer i suggest using no heat if u want your hair 2 b healthy when u grow it out and grow faster ;D

I have long hair,