7 Reasons to Go Blond ...

There are many reasons to go blond if you've been dying to try a lighter color. Now, as a born and bred brunette, I'm definitely not saying anything about whether or not blonds have more fun, but I do know that sometimes it's tempting to try either lightening your hair a little or full out going blond. If you've never wanted blond hair, no problem! But if you're interested in giving it a try, remember that there are many things to considered before choosing to go blond. I've got some great reasons and some great considerations if you're looking for some advice.

1. There's a Color for Everyone

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One of the best reasons to go blond if you've been wanting to but haven't yet dared, it is that there most likely is a color for you. Some people – both women and men – hesitate before lightening their hair because they're afraid it won't go with their coloring. It also has to be said that some color profiles don't go with blond, but generally, you'll find a flattering hue somewhere between strawberry blond and platinum. It might be reddish blond, golden, or like cornsilk, but remember, there are a lot of variations within the blond spectrum. Talk to a professional so you can see some examples and get a knowledgeable opinion.

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