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7 Things That Won't Help Grow Your Hair Faster ...

By Jelena

Grow Your Hair Faster with the help of this or that fool-proof method– Now, how many times have you seen or heard something like that? How many times have you tried to grow your hair faster using a special “secret” hair care routine only to realize that it’s not really speeding up anything? Ditch the old wives tales, say no to super-pricy over the counter medicines and think twice before you decide to do anything rash! And here’s a list of 7 very popular beliefs, methods and solutions that, surprisingly, won’t help you grow your hair faster!

1 Trimming Split Ends

Most of you already know that trimming split ends doesn’t help to grow your hair faster. So why do we do it? Well, the answer is pretty simple – although cutting the length does nothing to improve your hair’s growth, it is considered to be the ABC’s of proper hair care. If not taken care of on time, split ends can get worse and even travel up causing one both unsightly and unhealthy thing known as “migrating splits”, a situation in which the strand of hair starts splitting in the middle, rather just at the end.

2 Changing Shampoo or Conditioner

You should experiment with different shampoos and conditioners but only until you find that magical combination that does the trick. And once you finally manage to get your hands on the hair care products your hair likes, there is no need to replace them after a while. According to many doctors, a popular belief that hair gets “bored” of the products you use is nothing but an old wives tale which means that having a cabinet full of different shampoos won’t help you grow your hair faster.


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3 Over the Counter Hair Re-Growth Products

If you’re looking for a product to help your hubby with his receding hairline, I can suggest Rogaine – my fiancé is super happy with it and I must admit that it really managed to restore thickness in the areas that have been showing some serious thinning. I must, however, warn you not to use such products on your hair in hopes they could make it thicker or help it grow faster. This, as well as many other hair growth products, do come with some serious side effects most us, ladies, wouldn’t like to live with such as permanent hair growth on other places (face and body) or even itchy/irritated scalp.

4 Brushing

Our grandmas and even moms have been raised to believe frequent brushing and even pulling is a key to shiny, fast-growing hair. But is it really? Well, although ensuring proper circulation in the scalp is one of the key factors of undisturbed, healthy hair growth, both medical professionals and pro stylists of today agree that delivering 100 brush strokes per evening is a routine that will damage your hair rather than helping it to grow faster. Violent or excessive brushing as well as puling damages your hair, causing it to break, split or even thin out so, instead of relying on these old school hair care tips to help you grow your hair faster, why not try some less invasive ways to ensure proper circulation of blood and undisturbed hair growth? A nice, relaxing, soothing massage, for example?

5 Magnetic Treatments

Okay, this is just plain weird and there is no scientific proof that it could actually help you grow your hair faster. But, what am I talking about here? Well, believe it or not, some folks believe putting magnets in your hair or even hats can help speed up hair growth! So, in case you’re ever presented with this solution, do yourself a favor and forget about it.

6 Hormones

A lot of ladies experience a pretty miraculous hair growth during pregnancy which actually is a result of increased production of estrogen, a hormone which literally jams the ON switch, causing the hair to grow and grow without shedding. The bad news is that this effect is not permanent and will stop the moment the estrogen levels drop to normal. Other hormones such as testosterone and human growth hormones can actually slow down hair growth, causing your hair to grow on weird or unexpected places.

7 Shaving/Short Cut

Shaving your head or getting a really short cut won’t help you grow your hair faster or make it any thicker than it is supposed to be. Some even believe that frequent head shaving can lead to baldness and, although I’m not really sure about that, I know for sure that it doesn’t speed up hair growth or increases hair volume in the long run. The hair will, indeed, start growing faster and strands will be thicker at first but that’s just a short-term improvement that, if you ask me, isn’t worth the sacrifice. Opt for these radical hairstyle changes in case you’re in the mood for experimenting but do think twice before chopping off healthy hair.

These things can’t help you to grow your hair faster and I’m sure both your stylist and your doctor will agree that you should waste your time or money on them. Don’t be sad, though, as there are many hair care routines, homemade products and diet tips that really can help you to grow your hair faster and know you’ve already spotted a few promising posts while browsing this site. Right? Well, do tell – which tip, trick or treatment are you going to adopt in order to grow your hair faster and which methods have proved to be a disappointment?

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