7 Video Tutorials on DIY Highlights ...


7 Video Tutorials on DIY Highlights ...
7 Video Tutorials on DIY Highlights ...

DIY highlights – a recipe for disaster or a budget-friendly road to gorgeousness? Well, I guess that depends on your skill and hair color and, of course, products. Yup, the truth is that DIY stuff can sometimes go wrong and I’m sure some of you have a first-hand experience on what that looks like. But wait, don’t give up the idea of perfect-looking at home streaks just yet because I have a few awesome videos right here and they will help you learn how to do DIY highlights!

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DIY Highlights with Revlon Frost and Glow Kit

In case you’ve decided to use one of many DIY highlighting kits to do your at home streaks, you should definitely check out this video that pretty much covers the whole process starting from the good old “What the heck are all these stuff?” to the actual application which, of course, presumes you’ve already figured out what goes where and what should be mixed with what. Not exactly rocket science, I know, but still… it’s good to have everything explained.


At Home Retouching Using a Highlighting Cap

As great and helpful as this first video was, I do have a feeling some of you are like, “Okay, but how do you pry those individual strands out?” Well, let’s talk highlighting caps and highlighting needles! If you’re planning to do your own highlights and touch-ups (and you want them to look pro) you’d do well to get yourself a rubber/silicone reusable cap such as this one as well as a few different sized needles (which look and I suspect indeed are basically crochet needles). Check out this vid to get the moves down right and oh, just a short tip on the side – you can sprinkle the inside of the cap with baby powder to ensure a better and, most importantly, painless fit.


DIY Foiling Technique

In case caps and needles sound too complicated or you’re hoping for a DIY highlighting technique that allows you have a better view of the situation, you can always give foils a shot. It’s a relatively simple process that doesn’t require any extra special tools, not to mention how easier lifting your roots will be once you can actually see them instead of just poking around hoping you’ve gotten them all out. Check it out and do take a peek at a few comments in case you’re interested to know more about products used in the video.


Super Subtle DIY Highlights

Oh my gosh, I love this! And if you’re wishing for those barely there, kind of shiny but not really obvious highlights and you’re hoping for a simple explanation on how to do DIY highlights without any special tools, you’re going to love this one too! Now, I know some people think comb highlights are nothing but a recipe for a disaster but with a pro stylist advising you on how to do it as well as on how to get your lightener mixture to that perfect consistency… well, let me just say it looks like a safe bet! So safe I’ve actually caught myself contemplating a little rash hair color change.


Subtle DIY Ombre

In case you don’t trust DIY highlighting kits and are hoping to achieve a bit different look you can always try ombre- interesting, very popular hair coloring technique even celebrities are crazy for! Now, my brunettes probably do have a pretty good idea on how difficult our hair often is which is why I’d advise you not to go for blonde (which will totally mess up your ends) but opt for a beautiful, natural-looking auburn shade. Due to a massive amount of red pigment in our hair, this result will be very easy to get and it also means you won’t have to leave the bleach on for too long. Well, enjoy and do let me know how it turned out.


Balayage Highlights

Speaking about trendy hair coloring techniques, have you ever considered balayage highlights? Well, if you want that beachy, kind of naturally lightened Sarah Jessica Parker hairstyle, you should definitely give balayage a shot! And this video right here will explain it all, making it super-easy for you to ditch standard DIY highlights and switch to an easier technique that produces amazing, pro-looking results.


DIY Lightener Recipe

Well, I’m pretty sure all of these previous vids answer the question of how to do DIY highlights which means I can afford to digress slightly and offer a few alternative lightening mixtures. This one, for example looks like something anyone could just whip up together at any given moment, it’s super cheap as well plus maybe even better for your hair because you’re using peroxide only, instead of dye or bleach AND peroxide. Now, I’m guessing some of you might not feel comfortable experimenting with something like this but in case you’re feeling creative and are looking for a cheap way to dramatically change your hair color with the least amount of chemicals possible, you’re more than welcome to give it a shot.

Well, my ladies, I don’t know if you’ve ever attempted DIY highlights before but I’m sure these videos will explain how to do DIY highlights while avoiding mistakes that can occur during such procedures!

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