7 Ways to Accessorize Your TWA ...


7 Ways to Accessorize Your TWA ...
7 Ways to Accessorize Your TWA ...

How to accessorize TWA (teeny weeny afro) seems to be a very big problem after the Big Chop. But how could it not be…you’ve had all that hair to play with, and then poof – all gone! Fear not, my ladies, as sporting a TWA doesn’t mean you have to settle for just one style day in, day out. In fact, there are plenty of accessories for a TWA as well as plenty of ways for accessorizing a TWA without using any hair accessories. Sounds interesting? Well, take a peek at the following suggestions:

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Opt for a bit more versatile classic scarf for an easier to work with twilly/bandeau style and have fun experimenting with all those interesting ways for accessorizing a TWA! You can cover your entire head and knot it in a bun to the side, in front or back, fold it to desired width and tie a gorgeous, eye-catching bow or experiment with a few timeless haute looks! Scarves are absolutely wonderful, super-versatile and something I’m sure you’ll want to continue using as a hair accessory even when your hair grows super long and all these concerns about how to accessorize TWA become a thing of a past.


Super Chunky Jewelry

Okay, well this has nothing to do with hair accessories, which is great in case you don’t have any at hand but really need to look super nice. Chunky, statement earrings will frame your face beautifully giving you that super model look ladies all around the globe are drooling over. Go for in-your-face clip-ons if your ears are not pierced or not able to withstand too much weight (I have a pair of super-sensitive ones too so I know how limiting this can be). But why not go all out and rock massive chandelier or hoop pieces every now and then too. Necklaces are great too and the same rules apply – leave simpler ones for later and use this once in a lifetime opportunity to really get the most out of your statement pieces.


Interesting Headband

Worn on the forehead, at your hairline or in your hair, a cool headband definitely deserves to be on your list of must-buys in case you’re planning to celebrate your Big Chop by shopping accessories for a TWA. Now, you don’t need me to tell you how many interesting glamorous, utterly chic and even totally quirky ones you can find without even putting in a lot of effort! Oh, and here’s a thought – in case you happen to have a fantastic clip you can’t use on your new short hair, simply clip it onto a plain headband and you’ll be able to continue to enjoy it.



I love hats, really, really love ‘em! However, I can only admire them from afar, occasionally trying a few just to confirm what I already know – they just don’t fit right with so much hair bulging out. And even when they do and I end up going through with the purchase, the poor hat rarely gets to go anywhere simply because leaving it at home is much easier than having to deal with hat-squished hair. You, babe, have that problem taken care of, which is why you simply must take advantage of this chance to wear your heart-out… or hat-out! You see? Learning how to accessorize a TWA actually has its upsides!


Hair Clips and Pins

Once your TWA becomes less of a teeny-weeny one, you can play it up with nice clips, fancy-schmancy designer bobby pins, fascinators and even pill box hats. The rule is pretty simple here – if you can clip it, you can wear it! See what happens when you part your hair to the side, sleek it down with hair gel and add something as common and inexpensive as a glittery bobby pin or leave the sleeking thing for the lower part of your head and style the top into a faux hawk. Allow me to channel Stacey Clinton by saying this – results will be so shut-the-front-door that you’ll want to shop accessories for a TWA every day!


Make up

Accessory for a TWA? You better believe it! By deciding to chop your damaged length off, you’ve actually done your face a favor! Most of the attention will be focused to your features from now on, and you’ll receive plenty of compliments for your eyes, lips, cheeks! Cool, huh? Well, time to make ‘em pop! You don’t have to have everything applied every day, of course, but a great foundation to make your skin look totally flawless, neutral eye shadow, mascara and a generously tinted lip balm are a definite DO.



Still wondering how to accessorize TWA in times when you don’t have much time to do makeup or pick out accessories? Well, take my advice and get yourself a pair of glasses to die for! It’s a great excuse for a fashionista to shop for a new designer piece yet still completely doable even if you happen to be a budgetista and have no intention on bleeding green. You can go vintage, nerdy, chic, sexy… there are plenty of incredible frames to choose from! And once you start trying them on and realize how big of a change can be achieved, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy shop.

Has accessorizing a TWA proved to be too difficult for you? Well, I bet these suggestions will give you some ideas and help you feel great about your style every day! Figuring out how to accessorize TWA and absolutely rock it isn’t a super-power only extremely lucky ones get blessed with – it’s a creative process available to everyone.

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Love this post!!! The woman featured looks amazing, love the fro.

What is a TWA? Perhaps you should explain what that is first, then use the acronym.

Her hair is beautiful!

Pictorial examples would have been great with this.

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