5 Ways to Style πŸ’†‍♀️ Second Day Hair 😁 ...

One thing that all women know is that it isn’t recommended to wash your hair every day. Sure, it stays nice and clean, but it can also be damaging in a way, stripping your hair of some of the natural oils that help to keep it healthy. You can also get into a vicious cycle of washing every day and then suffering from greasiness much more frequently than you should. When you are stretching out your wash days, you have to come up with different things to do with your hair on its second and third days. Here are five ways to style second day hair.

1. Braids

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Braids are your best friend in a day two situation, because your hair will be at that crossroads from fresh to slightly greasy, and the texture that evokes is perfect for creating strong shiny braids that will definitely stay in place. It’s also a style that doesn’t require any bobby pins, so you know that you will be comfortable all day long.

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