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Wear These Rainbow Roots during Summer Festival Season ...

By Jennifer

If rainbow hair and glitter roots had a baby, it would be rainbow roots. They're gorgeous and boho and colorful, perfect for summer festivals and really, anything summer. Want!

1 Her Pretty Colors

Her Pretty Colors

2 Her Pink & Purple Roots

Her Pink & Purple Roots

3 Her Hot Hues

Her Hot Hues

4 Her Hidden Rainbow Roots

Her Hidden Rainbow Roots

5 Her Upside-down Braid

Her Upside-down Braid

6 Lottie's Rainbow Roots

Lottie's Rainbow Roots

7 Her Raven Hair and Rainbow Roots

Her Raven Hair and Rainbow Roots

8 Marvelous Magenta!

Marvelous Magenta!

9 Rooti-Frooti


10 Her Subtle Pastels

Her Subtle Pastels

11 Chunky!


12 In Process

In Process

13 Her Lavender Roots

Her Lavender Roots

14 Her Roots & Bangs

Her Roots & Bangs

15 Her Roots Too!

Her Roots Too!

16 Her Roots & Little Buns

Her Roots & Little Buns

17 I Want to See an "after" Pic!

I Want to See an "after" Pic!I'll bet that blue's just gorgeous!

18 Platinum Bob with Rainbow Roots

Platinum Bob with Rainbow Roots

19 Amanda's Rainbow Roots

Amanda's Rainbow Roots

20 Devon's Pink Roots

Devon's Pink Roots

21 Her Raid Rainbow Roots

Her Raid Rainbow Roots

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