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If the only thing you’ve done with quinoa up to this point is eat it, that has got to change. Experts are finding that quinoa also has benefits for your hair when it’s added to haircare products. If you have hair that could a use a boost, you might just find that quinoa is the miracle you’ve been looking for. Not sure? Check out why quinoa is such a stand out for your strands and I think you might just change your mind.

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The Protein Fortifies Damaged Hair

One of the reasons why people are so quick to eat quinoa is that it contains a wealth of protein, which is important for good overall health. Your hair is one of the parts of your body that relies so heavily on protein intake. When you apply quinoa to your hair, it helps protect your strands and give them strength if they’re already damaged.


Quinoa Also Helps Prevent Moisture Loss

The protein in quinoa works by coating each of your strands of hair so that they are less prone to breakage and moisture loss. When you minimize the loss of hydration, you keep your hair plumped up and each strand looks and feels healthier. Well hydrated hair just looks and feels better so quinoa is a great bet for anyone with dry hair.


You Might See More Hair Growth

Hair grows pretty slow, but chances are you know how much time it takes before you need a trim or cut. Research shows that quinoa can help speed hair growth so when you incorporate haircare products that contain the grain, you might see your locks growing faster than you’re used to. Longer, healthier hair? Yes, please!


Shiny Hair is on Its Way

Quinoa has tons of benefits and one of them is that it boosts shine. I hate when my hair looks dull and lifeless so this could be just what I’ve been looking for. If you want shinier hair, trying products that contain quinoa might give you back the sheen you see in shampoo commercials. It can’t hurt, right?


Quinoa is Great for Shaping Your Curls

If you have curly hair, quinoa is the ingredient that is going to change your life. If you have curls like mine, they tend to do their own thing and don’t respond well to your efforts to make them lay in a pattern that looks good. Experts say that quinoa can create that pattern by conditioning and protecting hair so it looks its best all the time.


You’ll Attract Moisture to Your Strands

Not only does quinoa prevent moisture loss, like I said above, but it also attracts moisture to your hair, further plumping each strand with the hydration it needs to stay healthy and strong. Used regularly, quinoa haircare products will boost moisture and give you the head of hair you’ve only ever dreamed about having.


Quinoa Products Are Perfect for Creating Your Favorite Style

Some products that contain quinoa are designed to help you style your locks. In these products, you’ll probably see quinoa oil mixed with some type of wax. Using them will help you shape and form your hair so that you can look your gorgeous self no matter what day of the week it happens to be.

Ever tried quinoa haircare products? Which one is your favorite?

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