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Which Texturing Product Works Best for Your Hair?

By Neecey

Are you completely flummoxed when you're confronted with rows and rows of hair products? It's bad enough choosing products for normal, dry or greasy, curly, straight or colored ... when it comes to texturing products it gets even more confusing. What do they all do? Which styles are they best for? On which hair types do they give the best results? I'm here to demystify them.

1 Salt Spray

When thinking about what texturing product you should use, you need to think about what look you are hoping to achieve. If you are looking for the beach living, surfer kind of carefree hairstyle, then look no further than a simple salt spray. Salt sprays provide your hair with the delicate frizz and volume that days sunbathing by the ocean can provide. Salt spray can awaken the natural curl in your hair, which is also great for those of you who have very naturally straight hair if you are seeking some lift and texture.

2 Gel

Gel is arguably the most malleable of all the hair styling products you could choose. This product is especially useful for those with shorter hairstyles that need it to set in a certain way: perhaps gravity defying or perhaps just something that needs to stay precisely in place to look good.

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3 Pomade

Pomade is used very much like gel, but is recommended specifically for people who have shorter hairstyles and want to create a look full of pixie-like wind-blown locks that give a real modern edge to your cut. Pomade will leave your hair feeling slightly softer than the traditional ‘crunchiness’ of a gel.

4 Curl Definer

Curl definer is perfect for, well, defining your curls! This kind of product, rather than being sticky and malleable, actually is very oily and pretty much melts when it comes in to contact with your hands, and these qualities make it absolutely perfect for soaking into curls and helping to moisturize and define them. Curl definer keeps the shape of your curls whilst at the same time reducing any unwanted frizz.

5 Mousse

It would be fair to say that mousse is more suitable for volume than for texture, but if applied well, it can certainly add an element of fluffiness to your hair if that is something you are looking for. Applying mousse to damp hair and then doing a thorough blow dry will certainly give you some pleasing results both in terms of volume and soft texture.

6 Finishing Spray

Finishing spray can be seen as something of a wonder product. Think of it as a form of hairspray that you can play around with before it sets and you are stuck with a style that you do not like. A good versatile finishing spray can assist shorter styles like mohawks just as successfully as it can assist longer styles like scrunchy waves. Try it out for yourself; you won’t be disappointed!

7 Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo should be the go-to product for any girl who is plagued with the annoying problem of hair that gets greasy very quickly. Rather than having a shower to wash your hair and continue the cycle of greasiness, you should instead use dry shampoo to give you relief from the natural oil build up and put some volume back in to your hair that might have been lost with all the grease. Alternate shower days and no poo days. Dry shampoo also works as a texturing product for other hair types but you need to experiment to see how it works for you.

Even knowing this, it is still best to try a few products out to see which types work best on your hair.

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