8 Lovely Designer Hair Accessories ...

Designer Hair Accessories are a bit pricey and yet a quite fabulous way to show your dedication to a particular brand. Now, I know some will seriously question the need for designer hair accessories but Iโ€™m sure no one could ever argue their beauty. They can be a great gift for your beloved BFF fashionista, a small designer thingy you can afford to treat yourself with from time to time, not to mention a truly useful hairstyling item youโ€™re going to love. So, check out these 8 cute designer hair accessories and tell me what you think:

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Script Barrette

Marc by Marc Jacobs Script Barrette

Price: $54.99 at zappos.com

Glam up and posh-up your messy up-dos with this cool script barrette clip designed by the one and only, fabulous Marc Jacobs!

The clip is available in platinum, cream and tortoise which means that youโ€™ll have no problem picking the one thatโ€™s really going to flash and stand out on your blond, brown, black or red hair.

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