The Hottest Summer Hairstyles for Medium-Length Locks ...


Medium-length hair doesn't get enough attention.

Plenty of us have hair that's stuck somewhere between long and short.

Your hair's not necessarily stuck in an in-between stage, either – who says you can't simply like medium-length hair?2

It just really doesn't get enough attention, and that's a shame, but it's one I'm here to rectify.

The season's changing, summer's on its way, so it's the perfect time to try one – or more – of the hottest, trendiest hairstyles for those luscious, mid-length locks of yours.

1. A Tousled Bob

A Tousled Bob

Can't go wrong with bedhead, and medium-length hair lends itself incredibly well to the look.

The best part is that a bob this length doesn't need a ton of maintenance.2

2. Blunt Bangs and Layers

Blunt Bangs and Layers

With or without colorful hair, blunt bangs and soft layers go well together.

I have to say, though, I'm loving the blue ombre.

3. Braided up

Braided up

This has been trendy for years, you just didn't know it.

4. Crowning Braid

Crowning Braid

I don't think I've ever seen this style before.

I kind of dig it.

I also kind of don't.

I'm torn here.

5. A Little Wave

A Little Wave

Add some waves and texture to make your mid-length tresses really pop.

It's as easy as braiding your hair overnight, really.

6. A Waterfall Braid

A Waterfall Braid

Oh, yeah.

You can do this when your hair is medium-length.

I mean, if you can do it at all.

I cannot do a waterfall braid.

7. Twists and Waves

Twists and Waves

If you love half up hairstyles, you'll adore this.

It's almost formal, but not quite, so you could still rock this style on the daily.

8. Beach-ready Waves

Beach-ready Waves

As we've already established, I know.

Simple waves look amazing in mid-length hair, though.

9. A Cotton Candy Braid

A Cotton Candy Braid

Want a hairstyle with a little whimsy?

Look no further than the cotton candy braid!

A Simple Tousle
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