8 Remedies to Fight Dandruff ...

Your hair is the crown of your looks earning you either WOW's or WHOA's. So while you are busy caring for hair, many of you face the persistent and embarrassing problem of dandruff. Read on for 8 ways to help you combat dandruff.

1. Eat Well, Eat Raw

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There is absolutely no denying the merits of eating a well balanced diet. What you must also remember to do is increase your intake of raw fruits and veggies. Consumption of raw uncooked foods keeps their nutrients intact. The vitamins rich food is a great boost for your skin and scalp, keeping it nourished.

2. Drink Right

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We tend to give up on milk as we grow up. Don’t! Make milk a regular part of your diet. The vitamins A, E, D and K in milk promote healthy cell reproduction and function of sebaceous glands in the epidermal layers of the scalp, reducing dryness and thus dandruff. And yes, try to limit your tea or coffee intake to 2 or 3 cups a day. These are extremely dehydrating beverages.

3. Massage It in

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A warm oil massage is a great remedy which besides making your mane lustrous and voluminous can effectively keep itchy scalp and dandruff away. Remember to massage the oil into the scalp with your fingertips to gently exfoliate the dry scales and get that blood circulating. Regular practice will drive away your dandruff problems for good.

4. Kick the Styling Products, Go Natural

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I know we all want to show off the latest trends in hair fashion. But the numbers of styling products that go into it are truly hazardous for your hair. The high concentration of chemicals in hair colors and styling gels and sprays dry out the scalp and make it flaky and itchy. Go natural and see the wonders it will do to your scalp and hair.

5. Keep It Clean

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Wash your hair out regularly with a suitable shampoo. Work up the lather on the scalp with your fingertips and rinse. If your shampoo instructs you to repeat the process, do so. The first wash separates the dead skin and the second washes it clean out. However remember not to go overboard with the shampooing as it dries out the scalp causing flakiness again!

6. Be Patient

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Dandruff shampoos contain selenium sulphide, zinc pyrithione, salicylic acid or coal tar. Any of these may suit you, so you have to be patient to see the effects of a particular shampoo on your skin type. Be ready to try out a few to find the one that suits you best. Also don’t forget that it usually takes 4-6 weeks for the shampoo to show its effects.

7. See a Doctor

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If in spite of all the problem of itchy scalp and dandruff showers persists, it might be a good idea to see a dermatologist. Excessive and chronic itchiness and dandruff can lead to some terrible skin diseases like eczema or rashes. Too much scratching can also lead to bleeding and infections. A doctor’s will arrest further damage.

8. Take It Easy

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Stress is the main cause of ninety percent diseases afflicting today’s man. It challenges the body’s immunity and encourages ailments. Take it easy and relax. Read a good book, take a walk in to nature and rid yourself of all those disease-causing toxins.

Take on these remedies and I guarantee your dandruff will be gone before you know it. All it takes is changing a few habits. Do you think you can?

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