How to Create Stunning Hairstyles Using Ribbons ...

If you think only little girls can wear hairstyles with ribbons, you’re totally wrong. You can rock a ribbon in your hair without looking like you belong in kindergarten. The trick is to choose a thinner, smaller ribbon rather than a huge one that takes over the top of your head. Fancy hairstyles are trendy right now, so go ahead and give these hairstyles with ribbons a try and let me know what you think.

1. Braid

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I love to braid my hair during the summer because it keeps the hair off my neck so I don’t get too hot. It you want to glam it up for work or a wedding, this is one of the best hairstyles with ribbons you’ll ever find. Start by securing the ribbon around a ponytail. Then as you braid the ponytail down, weave the braid into one of the sections of hair. Wrap it around the rubber band at the bottom and then finish the look with a little bow.

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