11 Best Dry Shampoos for Lazy Days ...

Dry shampoos are a busy girl’s guide to great hair without a lot of fuss, and we have a list of the best dry shampoos out there that we think you might like to know about. If you’ve never used dry shampoo, don’t be intimidated. These dry shampoos are simple, easy to use and worth every penny due to their special features. Whether you have dry hair or oily hair, there’s a dry shampoo out there for you! Dry shampoos are basically sprays that you apply to your hair, that help to extend your hair’s “shelf life,” so to speak, in between washings. They keep your hair full of volume, help it to look and feel clean in between washes and help keep your natural oils in place to prevent dryness and dullness. The greatest thing about dry shampoos is they save you time! That being said, here’s our 11 best dry shampoos that we think you’ll love as much as we do!

1. Ojon Full Detox™ Rub-out™ Dry Cleansing Powder

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Give your hair a break from the harsh sulfates and surfactants with one of the best dry shampoos of all, found in the Ojon Full Detox Rub-Out product. The soap bark tree extract in this product is traditionally used by indigenous communities in the Amazon as a natural cleanser. This special extract absorbs excess oil and the non-aerosol applicator tip allows you to apply the powder directly to hair close to the root. This is, quite possibly, the easiest detox going!

Price: $24.00 at sephora.com

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