Easy Fixes 🔧That Are a Godsend 👼 for Girls with Greasy Hair 🛢️ ...

We know that greasy hair is an issue. It looks and feels bad and is difficult to style. Sometimes you also have to deal with extra acne around the hairline thanks to the extra oil (sebum) being produced by the scalp. Battling greasy hair is about attacking the cycle of sebum production. Shampooing too frequently and harsh products are thine enemy! Time to fix it and say goodbye to your greasy hair.

1. Choose the Right Shampoo

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You might think you have to avoid moisturizing products because that makes things worse. Actually, your shampoo (and other hair products) should balance your hair and scalp’s moisture, so choose products that offer light moisturizing. This will keep your hair and scalp from being stripped of natural moisture and they won’t send your scalp into sebum production overdrive. You should also consider cutting down on the number of days you wash your hair.

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