Girls Who Crave Great Hair Can Get It for under 10 ...


Girls Who Crave  Great Hair Can Get It for under 10 ...
Girls Who Crave  Great Hair Can Get It for under 10 ...

Why shouldn’t you have great hair just because you can’t afford to spend $100 on a conditioning treatment or $50 on the shampoo with the latest miracle ingredient. And really, unless you have problematic hair, if you eat a balanced healthy diet, and treat your hair well, you don’t need miracle products. You just need a bit of help to keep it looking its best. There are some great products under $10 if you know where to look.

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Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle

Aussie, magenta, lip, lotion, body wash, One of the best drugstore products for achieving great hair is most definitely Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle! It’s a quick conditioning product that provides a deep condition to literally any hair type, and with such a quick application time, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that is keeps your hair in top condition for up to 24 hours!

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OGX Penetrating Oil

food grain, crop, herb, food, pattern, Another of the best drugstore haircare products is OGX Penetrating Oil. The product is small in size but big on impact, and it will provide you with a deeply nourishing experience without making your hair feel over oily or heavily weighed down in any way.

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Suave Coconut Oil Shampoo

Suave, blond, lotion, skin, body wash, Let’s be real, most of the time, shampoo is shampoo is shampoo. Unless it contains really nasty ingredients, it doesn’t matter whether you are buying a 2-dollar bottle or a 20-dollar bottle. All you do at the end of the day is scrub and rinse! That is why you should know about this hidden gem. It smells of delicious coconut and the best part is that it only costs 4 bucks!

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Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

body wash, NOT, YOUR, MOTHERS,, CLEAN, I was always somebody who didn’t really believe in the supposed benefits of dry shampoo, but that was only because I hadn’t discovered this particular product yet! It is literally a life saver in between full washes and will make you hair look as fresh as a daisy.

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John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum

leather, liquid, JOHN, FRIEDA, FRIZZ, Frizz can be the worst enemy of every girl, especially during the hot and humid summer months. Take advantage of this amazingly cheap serum that is expertly produced and really can be compared to more of the expensive products on the market.

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Garnier Fructis Style Damage Eraser Reconstruct Butter

Garnier Men, Construya, produce, plant, masque, This product is perfect for girls who have a problem with hair shedding too easily. After using it for a long enough time, you can really tell the difference in root strength, even when doing things like running your hands through your hair; something we tend to do more in the summer.

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L’oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Multi-Restorative Dry Oil

nectar, produce, skin, food, L'OREAL, This oil is a great product if you are looking to strengthen your hair while at the same time achieving a really incredible softness. You would think that an oil like this would work to weigh down your hair, but it’s actually pretty amazing how light it feels and how little difference it makes in terms of weighing hair down.

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L’oréal Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm

Niely, masque, blond, skin, cream, One of the things I love most about this particular product is the amazing smell that it has, not to mention the sensational silky finish that it gives your hair! It’s a great cheaper option for those of you with thicker hair, because the nature of the product means that it could weigh down thinner strands.

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Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Leave-in Conditioner

Not Your Mother's, liquid, magenta, NOT, YOUR, This brand is a firm favorite in the budget haircare range, but this leave-in conditioner certainly doesn’t feel like it is part of a cheaper collection! It helps to moisturize your hair and prevent breakage, leaving it feeling much softer and stronger.

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Of course, if you want to spend a ton on haircare products, feel free. But you can buy some great drugstore products that will do the job you want them for.

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