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7 Reasons to Get a Great New Haircut ...

By Eliza

It’s a brand new year, which means you probably want to make some changes, and there are lots of reasons to get a new haircut to start things off. What I love best about a haircut when I need a change is that it is never permanent. Hair always grows back out so if you don’t like it, it won’t be a forever thing. If you want a change this year, consider all of these great reasons to get a new haircut and I think you’ll love the results.

1 It’s Fun

What better reason do you need? In fact, the fun factor is one of the most common reasons to get a new haircut. It’s enjoyable to change up your look and try something new. You’ll get loads of compliments, which will make you feel good and you might just find a look that you’d never thought to try, but that looks awesome on you! Page through magazines and websites to get some fabulous ideas.

2 Fresh Start

For many women, a haircut is a natural part of starting a new chapter in their lives. For me, a new haircut was the first thing I did after each of my three kids was born. It just felt like the time to start something new. Other women get new haircuts after a divorce or when their kids leave home. Whatever spurs you, a brand new look can make the beginning of your next life phase special and exciting, no matter the circumstances.

3 It’s Trendy

If you’re a fashionable girl and enjoy trying out all the latest trends, a new haircut can help you satisfy that desire. When a specific haircut is popular, chances are you’ll see it all over the place and will hear enough about it that you can decide it’s just what you want to try. Right now, the side shave thing seems to be the “it” hairstyle, so give it a try and see what you think.

4 You Can Go Low Maintenance

Maybe you just became a new mom or you started playing a team sport. Getting a new haircut means you can eliminate some of the time you previously spent styling your locks without having to give up your craving for a great look. There are loads of haircuts that cut down dramatically on primping so that you can get on with this new thing that life has thrown your way, whatever that happens to be.

5 You’ll Look Younger

OK, this isn’t guaranteed, but for many women, a fresh new cut helps shave a few years off. Having some bangs cut into your locks can really achieve this! The trick is making sure you know exactly what you want and seeking out a hair stylist that knows how to execute the cut. Ask your friends for referrals.

6 It’s Liberating

There’s nothing better than feeling like you have control over your life. Even something as simple as a new haircut can give you that powerful feeling of making your own choices and getting things done. It might not seem like such a big deal, but wait until you experience the wonder of a new haircut that you’ve never tried before.

7 It’s Healthy

I like my hair long so it’s always a little hard for me to climb up in the chair and let someone take scissors to it. However, getting the ends trimmed regularly helps keep your strands healthy and radiant. Which is why I make myself go through with it every couple of months.

Why do you want a new haircut? Let me know how it all turns out!

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