7 Tips for Creating a Fishtail Braid ...


I keep my hair cut pretty short, because it suits my face better. Certain hair trends make me hate having short hair, though, and the fishtail braid is one of them. I wish my hair was long enough to wear one! These are so innovative and neat looking, and they lend themselves well to a variety of occasions. They look pretty hard to do, but don’t worry – here are some tips for creating a fishtail braid that will make it incredibly easy!

1. Make It Smooth

First thing’s first, and the first tip for creating a fishtail braid is to get all of the tangles out of your hair. It needs to be smooth and free of snags. This is especially important if you have really thick hair, or really fine hair. Tangles can pop up at a moment’s notice for both types as hair, so you want to do a good job combing or brushing. You might even want to try a detangling product.

Use Hairspray
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