8 Unbelievably Atrocious Hair Tips You Should Say No to ...


Hair Tips always come in handy, especially when they tell you what you shouldn't do. We’ve all heard some of the timeless hair tips and live by them daily. For some of us, it is very likely that these hair tips are exactly the reason our hair is living up to its full potential. However, some of the most standard tips are actually outdated and incorrect. I have put together a list of 8 hair tips not to follow to get you back on track to good hair.

1. Apply before You Dry

If you are applying hair products to wet hair, you are diluting your product and its effectiveness. This is one of the most time-tested hair tips, but do you see the problem with it? For better results, blow dry your hair until it is damp, then add your product. You will use less product and it will work much better.

Condition after Shampooing
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