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Bangs are such a timeless look.

From the fads that come and go, to the classics that are here to stay.

Below you'll find some great tutorials for cutting and styling bangs for when you want to mix up your look.

1. Cutting Your Own Fringe

In this video she shows you how to cut your own fringe bangs.

I don't know if I trust myself enough to cut my bangs, but, she does make it look simple so maybe it's worth a shot!

2. Fake Fringe

Want the fringe bangs without the dedication of a cut?

Here's an easy how-to video for faking your fringe bangs.

I love fake bang videos because they allow you to mix up your look without waiting months.

3. Side Swept Bangs

In this how-to-cut video, she shows how to get those loveable side-swept bangs from home.

She makes it simple and easy to follow which is a major bonus for girls like me who are afraid of hair changes and failures.2

4. Blunt Bangs Cut

This adorable girl shows how to cut your own blunt bangs.

She mentions she isn't a stylist which makes this a great video for anyone to do.

5. Blunt Bangs Style

Unlike the other videos, this shows great ways to style your blunt bangs that you're already rocking.

It's always great to know other style options when you're looking to shake up your typical look.

6. Choppy Bangs

This video shows how to style an easy top knot to make those choppy bangs stand out.

It's a great go-to look if you're short on time, and it accentuates your bangs making them the feature of your hairstyle.

7. Asymmetrical Bangs

This is a look that celebs including Lady Gaga had not long ago.2

It's edgy, unique, and great for the girl who likes to make a statement with her hair.2

This video shows you how to cut your hair to get that great look.

Bangs for Your Face
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