8 Facts about Gray Hairs and How to Deal with Them ...


Interested to learn some facts about gray hairs? Gray hair might not be our most favorite subject when it comes to hair care but it is a part of growing older. I know, normally we like to hide our gray hairs and cover up the fact that we even get them! But, there is some worth in learning some facts about gray hairs and how we can deal with them!

1. Plucking Leads to More Gray Hairs

Letโ€™s start these facts about gray hairs with a common myth about grays. I think weโ€™ve all heard the story about how plucking one gray hair and two more come to its funeral or grow back in its place. According to trichologist Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips, this is totally false as we cannot add to the number of hair follicles we have and wonโ€™t cause surrounding hairs to turn gray. She does say that there is no benefit to plucking as it can damage the hair follicle so she recommends very carefully cutting!

Gray Hair Isnโ€™t Actually Gray
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