7 Hair Hacks for Faking a Shorter Style πŸ’‡ ...


I'm growing my hair as long as I possibly can, but I've reached that length and that time of year when I always decide to cut it off because it's too hot and heavy and miserable.

I always regret it, so this year I'm trying to avoid that dreaded pattern.

You know what helps?

Short hair hacks.

It's so easy to fake a shorter style without having to chop off a single inch!

I had no idea, but then, my idea of styling my hair mostly involves brushing it.2

Admittedly, some of these take more time than others and, as pretty as they are, I myself will probably be saving them for special occasions.

Others, though, are so easy that you can experiment with a sassy short look without going near the scissors!

1. Fake the Most Fabulous Faux Bob

Whenever I give in and get a drastic cut, I always go for a bob.3

It's one of my favorites because it's flattering for my face (a rare and treasured miracle, btw).

Faking it with this particular bob takes some time and effort, but it's so gorgeous and glamorous!

The best part is that it looks so cool – I mean, like it will keep your neck cool and your head won't feel so hot and heavy from all your hair.

2. Glam It up with This Great Gatsby-inspired Look

You could wear this on the daily or save it for something special – it's perfect for either one.

You might need to add some waves or curls to your hair, though, unless you're lucky enough to have them naturally.2

Even still, it never hurts to give your hair some extra structure, especially for a style like this.

3. My Hair is Nowhere near This Long ...

Doesn't Veena have gorgeous hair?

Her whole look here is fire, and for those of you who do have really, really, super, stunningly long hair, she's your new muse.

You can fake a short pony or a bun, and I imagine you can play around with the length you want quite easily.2

Gotta Love Those 1920s Looks
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