Hairstyles to Use when You Don't Have Time to Shower ...



You're running late and don't have time to shower, much less wash your hair.

But your hair's a mess.

So how can you quickly make yourself look presentable?

Fear not - hair can actually be easier to style when it's not freshly washed.

So here are the hairstyles to use when you don't have time to shower …

1. Low Bun

Low Bun

A low bun is perfect for styling your hair quickly and still looking like you've spent some time fixing it in place.

Don't just twist it round and pin in place though;

you don't want to look like you just stabbed in a few pins and hoped it would stay in place.

Try my "bun" article for some ideas on how to style your bun.

2. Slicked Back Style

Slicked Back Style

There's no simpler way of disguising the fact that you haven't had time to wash your hair than by slicking it back.

It'll also keep your hair out of your face if it's a hot day (hair can make you feel so sweaty!).

All you need to do is run a little product through your hair.

A slicked back style will also show off a fabulous pair of earrings.

3. French Twist

French Twist

Have you got wavy hair?

Put it up in a French twist.

This takes no time to do, and looks very stylish.

Use a tool like spiral hair pin clips and your hair will stay in place;

I used to use them when I had longer hair and they work like magic!

4. Side Braid

Side Braid

Braids run the risk of making you look like a pre-teen, and a single braid can be boring.

But not if you style your hair in a side braid!

You can braid your hair so that there's not a single strand out of place, or style it in a messy plait - either way will make it look effortlessly stylish.

Full Ponytail
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