7 Reasons to Go to a Salon to Get Your Hair Styled ...


Reasons to go to a salon might not be on top of your list of priorities during these economically-challenging times.

Furthermore, if you’ve already invested in a handful of pro tools and products and learned how to do your hair at home, you may not have any reasons to go to a salon.

There are, however, some situations in which you really should reconsider your decision to switch to home-styling and let yourself get pampered and groomed by a pro.

But wait… why go to a hair salon when you can get it done at home?

Well, here are a few reasons you won’t be able to dismiss easily.

1. Because It’s a Part of the Package

No self respecting stylist would ever give you a hair cut, then let you leave with messy hair.3

He might choose to finger style it only (presuming your hair texture calls for it) or give you a full blow out (my stylist does this for me when it’s cold outside because it’s quicker and much better looking that frizzy, blow-dry curls).

Some use less styling products, others go all the way out but one thing is for sure – you won’t leave any hair salon looking half-done, even if you’ve just dropped by for a cut.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought this is one of those great reasons to go to a salon even when I’m bored or inclined to think postponing a cut for another month or so might not be such a bad idea.

You come in for a cut, come out looking photo ready – how cool is that?

2. Because You Can Learn a Lot

Watching the stylists work on your hair could help you add an interesting trick or two to your own styling regimen, plus you can always count on product and cut suggestions and know they are as pro as they get.

I’ve learned a lot of fascinating facts about my hair type by conversing with my stylist in Serbia, while my stylist in Greece happens to be married to a guy in the similar line of work (he imports products and tools for hair salons) and therefore has products that are quite difficult to find elsewhere.

She knows her products amazingly well, too, and has always managed to come up with some of the best suggestions ever!

It’s a bit freaky to realize other people can know your own hair better than you do, but hey, that’s just what trained pros do!

And cutting them out of your life could mean you’re missing out on a lot of cool information.

Because It’s Relaxing
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