7 Tutorials for Fabulous DIY Hair Accessories ...

Tutorials for DIY hair accessories are my favorite part of YouTube! It's the part I like to take a peek in quite often, just to remind myself that creativity is neither dead nor inferior to hyped, mass produced stuff! Now, I don’t know if you’ve been experimenting with DIY hair embellishments before but, trust me, that’s one of the #best ways to satisfy that craving for something new without having to go out, spend a lot of money on this or that just to realize the whole thing was nothing but an impulse purchase. Oh, and the creativity, now we shouldn’t forget that – should we? Well, that’s one extra reason to check out these DIY hair videos #below and gather some great ideas for future projects:

1. Cloth Rosette DIY Hair Embellishments


Super cute, romantic and oh-so versatile! This is one of those tutorials for DIY #hair accessories you don’t want to miss out on! Discover a skill you didn’t know you have – start crafting now, starting with this easy DIY! These cute, cloth rosettes are a perfect way to touch up a few spare #bobby pins and turn them into something fantastic or a budget-friendly way to have a new clip or a headband that matches your outfit every time!