10 10-Second ⏱ Hairstyles for Busy Girls on the Go πŸš— ...

As I work at home at a computer all day, my go-to hairstyles are simple – ponytail or pulled up into an elastic-comby-thingy. But then, when I go out, I suddenly realize I have left no time to do something with my hair! That is until I found there are some great styles I can do in seconds. They’re a dream!

1. Messy Bun

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One of the best and easiest super-fast hairstyles is definitely the modern messy bun. Taking inspiration from the classic look of the ballerina, putting your hair up in to a slightly loose, messy bun gives you an instant style that goes with pretty much any outfit choice. You might think a bun has to be nice and tight with some product to secure it, but the modern trend is for the β€˜bed head’ type bun to be favored over an overly careful look.

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